Little Dragons

Our Little Dragons program is designed for children ages 3-6. This program focuses on development of foundational martial arts movements while helping children at that age to develop their motor skills. Focus isn’t just on the physical but also the mental. Little Dragons classes help students to improve intellectual skills such as memorization and critical thinking. Finally, they key to success in this program is teaching children the mindset of “Yes, I can!”. Our martial arts programs helps students to develop confidence, courage, self-control, discipline, and respect for themselves and others.

Classes are led by Coach Dante who has over 25 years experience working with children as a martial arts instructor and an educator. Coach Dante is deeply experienced in understanding behavior in children and is known for his ability to drive not just physical performance but changes in mindset and attitude that result in improved behavior in school and at home.

This program builds a strong foundation to transition into our Kids Martial Arts program or Kids Jiu Jitsu at ages 6+.

Come try out a class and see if we’re a fit for your family.

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