Matt Hobbs

stars“Dante and the other instructors at Martial Arts on the Go (and its affiliation with the Capital MMA family of martial arts schools) has literally changed my life. Thanks to Dante’s fun, positive, growth-mindset approach, I’ve lost weight, gained muscle and a ton of confidence, and had so much fun learning some very difficult martial arts and life skills. I’m a career middle school teacher, so I can spot good teachers a mile away. Dante and Kelsey are phenomenal. I tried out some other schools before settling on this one and the others were either too competition-minded, super meathead-y and aggressive in all the wrong ways, too expensive, or had fancy facilities but instructors that kinda didn’t know what they were doing. Being a great fighter does NOT make you a good martial arts instructor. Dante is a fantastic teacher – he’s kind, humble, flexible, super dedicated, has a great sense of humor, and he really GETS how to engage little kids, teenagers, and adults. I just don’t know where to start describing how much I’ve enjoyed my past year of coming to classes with him. Even if I were to move out of the Fairfax area, I would commute back to Martial Arts on the Go.”

-Matt H.